I met Oscar!


So the Academy Awards were held on Monday and I can honestly say that these were my favorite yet. I watch them every year and I think the reason I loved them so much was purely due to the fact that Ellen Degeneres was hosting them. She is just so good. Too good…

My dream (and I mean dream. This is a very ambitious goal) is to one day host the Oscars.

Now the reality of the situation is i will Probably*  never host the oscars. But I have a cousin named Oscar who i could get to throw a party that i could talk at. I guess that will do…

SO what I have done this year to appease my dream for a little while is make myself think I was at the oscars, through the power of poorly done photoshop. People have always said how much I resemble Bradley cooper..


*By probably i mean, there is a 1 in 7 0000 000 chance i will host them. The odds are in my favour!

3 thoughts on “I met Oscar!

  1. klmp27 says:

    Love it love it love it!!!! You’re hilarious mitch!!!!
    Your first time was great!!! And you nailed the gin and tonic law student comment!! Cannot wait to hear more about Pablo and Maria!!
    Keep blogging!! 🙂

  2. Robyn says:

    Great post! All I can say is, if you host the Oscars, you’d better invite me! I’ve always wanted to go to the Oscars.

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