Down Down, My social life is down..


SO, as some of you might know, (probably none of you know) But i am actually a check out chick at Coles. Now i really need to find a new name for that role.. Check out dude? Check out lad… Umm.. Check out chickorita?

Get back to me on that one..

Anyway, video of the week this week is by one of my Favourite Improvisational actors Kristen Wiig, giving her best impersonation of a checkout chick… I think I’m too much like this character for my own good…

Do you have a flybys card with you tod…. Shit, sorry.. force of habit.

2 thoughts on “Down Down, My social life is down..

  1. Dude, trying to make this sound as little creepy as possible, one day, I will find you. You’re a legend and we are GOING to be best friends. P.s. i’m also super hot so you won’t have a problem with it trust me….. So, until then, I’m going to have to be okay with ripping my hair out with stress while I’m continuously scanning the lecture room in search for you, and being extremely frustrated because i would not have a clue what you look like. Anyway, this comment has been more than enough…………… you get my drift.

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