Good one, Media…


Ive decided these blog posts will be formed in the way a ‘normal’ Relationship is formed, the first date, second, third etc, etc…. Our first date (first blog) which, come on, was awkward. I went in for the kiss, you wanted more, i ordered dessert, you didn’t, i ordered the almond tart, you’re allergic to almonds, you had an anaphylactic fit…it was just a mess… Then we move on to second date (blog post) and this is exactly that, we are well acquainted now and are ready to blog each other. In more ways than one…

My Blog question this week is “What are the media being blamed for? and is it justified?” Now, i want you to read that question back in your head in a spanish accent. Just do it. Everything’s funnier in spanish, heck, throw a ‘guacamole’ in there for fun.

So now to the question.. I believe that the media cops allot of flack. I think people use the media as a generic excuse to justify their problems…

“I’m fat because the media made me!”

“Children are becoming more violent?! IT MUST BE THE MEDIA!”

“Tracey Grimshaw said that interest rates will rise, so that means they will”

“I have a strange rash on my inner thigh, Thanks allot media…”

Ok that last one is just an issue i have.. i just need someone to blame.. Seriously i need medical attention.

Its almost like the media is the blind and deaf kid that you had in your class, that you blamed everything on because they couldn’t defend themselves. The media has feelings guys, we can’t just blame EVERYTHING on them. Its either Tony Abbots, Gina Rheinhart or the Media’s fault when there is a social issue. The Media didn’t kill Princess diana guys, calm down.

I DO however believe that the media is in fact highly influential on not only the general public, but our Youth in particular. Those little buggers are very impressionable. For example when i was 10 i saw on the news that the more chocolate you eat, the more attractive you will be. So, thats the secret to my beauty incase you were wondering… And my waistline..

Media, or as i like to call him,’Big Mezza’ (haha, sorry its a personal joke between me and him, you totally wouldn’t get it) for some people is the only way they receive information, and depending on their source, will be fed information and views created by those media superpowers. Media is just that bitchy girl that sits on the back oval at school and bosses all the other girls around, but in the end gets thrown under the bus. Basically media is Regina George.. “omg media, you Cant sit with us..”


IN the end, i think ill just have a medium double quarter pounder meal… Oh crap, sorry i was ordering dinner and writing this simultaneously. I think the media is an easy blame for most people, If we wanted to find the real answer to a question we have to look further into where the ideals were conceived… Murdoch’s mansion…

The media is needed in our world. After all, who else would we drastically overpay to sit at a news desk and read an auto cue machine all day everyday? So in conclusion, we all know who to blame in this situation…. Koshie.




17 thoughts on “Good one, Media…

  1. This is creative, thanks for making me laugh 😀

  2. htruloff says:

    This post makes complete sense, yet at the same time, no sense at all.

  3. stephmac92 says:

    But don’t you feel that media has a duty of care? You can argue that it is us who putting our insecurities on the media and using that as the excuse but to an extent it is the media who gives us the news we need. They have the responsibility as news/information providers to give the hard news but they usually embellish and make things seem worse than they really are. I just don’t know if they are doing their duty as media providers to the extent that they are supposed to.
    Love the blog,
    (p.s. thought i’d give you a hand in case things needed to be ‘discussed’, as a seasoned uni/BCMS student 🙂 )

  4. An absolutely awesome blog. I love how you use humor when making your argument, it makes your blog quite easy to read.

  5. sarahjoyjennings says:

    Okay anything or anyone who manages to utilise ‘mean girls’ quotes is instantly rewarded with my eternal admiration. Also I’m loving that you can not only answer the question of the week, but actually add some humour in there too. Top job man

  6. deekw93 says:

    I agree completely and argue some similar points in my blog post for that week, I also had Macdonalds for dinner that night…twins.

    In my post I highlighted that the statement television makes you fat is the same as saying books make you fat, video games make you a killer and gyms make you fit. Clearly, all statements are false. The media doesn’t have the power -although it can be extremely convincing – to make anyone do anything. We are humans with will power and instincts and we make our own decisions. Some poor – like wearing pink twice in one week – but that is an example of the weakness of that person’s character. Things only influence you if you allow them to.

    If any of that makes sense.

  7. maddybyarrow says:

    Mitch! 🙂 Wonderful! I absolutely love the fact that you use humour in your blog. Not only is it funny but it relates well to the topic you are presenting. Just watch out for your spelling and grammar. Other than that keep up the good work!

  8. What a great way to start your blogging for BCM110. It was informal which made it easy to related too. It had just the right balance of humor and facts and you supported all yourm arguments well, in my opinion. I really like the causality of your writing style and thought you answered the question from an original viewpoint.

  9. xanniosgood says:

    That introduction! Your sense of humour resonates beautifully throughout the blog. This was both amusing and you got some good points across. Koshie is the the only person to blame here, totes correct.

    If you are going to quote something, might as well be from mean girls.

  10. chelstagg says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post 🙂 I wish I had come across your blog weeks ago! – when I first started blogging. I am always criticised in tasks such as this because I have a very formal writing style. Your writing is clever and witty, and uses humour to engage an audience and then to illustrate the points your are trying to convey. I enjoyed reading every bit of your post, from you’re anecdotes, to your mean girl quotes but could still see that you addressed and answered the question of the week. I have learnt a lot from reading your blog. 🙂

    • Mitch Churi says:

      Thats so flatterig, im glad i could help you in the slightest! I worry that i am too informal! So we need to meet up and find the climate medium!! Thankyou so much for the comment.

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