I met Oscar!


So the Academy Awards were held on Monday and I can honestly say that these were my favorite yet. I watch them every year and I think the reason I loved them so much was purely due to the fact that Ellen Degeneres was hosting them. She is just so good. Too good…

My dream (and I mean dream. This is a very ambitious goal) is to one day host the Oscars.

Now the reality of the situation is i will Probably*  never host the oscars. But I have a cousin named Oscar who i could get to throw a party that i could talk at. I guess that will do…

SO what I have done this year to appease my dream for a little while is make myself think I was at the oscars, through the power of poorly done photoshop. People have always said how much I resemble Bradley cooper..


*By probably i mean, there is a 1 in 7 0000 000 chance i will host them. The odds are in my favour!

My First Time…


Admit it.

Everyones first time is equally as awkward, all those fingers tapping furiously, your body sweats profusely, and PBS (Premature Blog – ulation Syndrome). I mean theres tonnes of new feelings and emotions running through the air, and your keyboard, during your first time..

Of course I’m talking about blogging!

When i first heard i had to create a blog, i thought to myself “I’m so hungry” and immediately after that, “What in god’s name is a blog?” because, lets face it; ‘Blog’ sounds like a highly infectious STD.

My aim for this blog is for those who read it (Those being my Nan, Mum and Girlfriend) (i don’t have a girlfriend) to feel as if they are having a conversation with me. Imagine we are sitting in uni bar, sipping a gin and tonic and thinking “What an awful drink this is, but all the law students are drinking it.” thats the feeling i want to achieve!

Now to the serious part. and yes, i can be serious. Seriously. I am Studying a Bachelor of Communications & Media Studies & Bachelor of Creative Arts: Theatre. How impressive does it sound? if you read it backwards its actually the first lines of the hit Katy Perry song “Roar”. Ok its not, but i made you re- read the degree didn’t i? Look!! already my blog is making you do weird and wonderful things.

Now in order for you all to get to know me better, i have devised a short script, (not to gloat but Scorsese and Spielberg both won’t leave me alone about it) That will hopefully keep you coming back week after week to see the developing story of:

Pablo & Maria

‘A love tale of two Gluten intolerant Spaniard lovers’

Scene set in a small spanish town known simply as enchilada, sits a spanish man, dressed in a poncho, with a dark sombrero and thin, sweaty moustache.
Pablo: Oh i am so lonely, my only friend is this hard shell taco.. I need a lover.
(Enter Maria, dressed in a purple day gown, maria has style)
Maria: hello sir, i see you have a gluten free taco there.. may i join?
Pablo: Of course Señorita, anything for you spicy, jalapeño, as long as we can order the gluten free casadea!?
Maria: oh no.. i wanted the gluten tortilla…. i don’t think we can contin…
(Pablo stops maria Urgently)
Pablo: Wait Maria….
(Cue Mexican trumpets.)
Why don't we have both?


Wow. That was quality writing. Ive heard rumours that Pablo will be played by DiCaprio, and Maria is set for Liza Minelli.. who would Have guessed. 

Now to wrap this whole introduction up, i would just like to tell you somethings about me, because really, this whole blog thing is like a friendship, you’re going to need to know me for when it comes to my birthday. Presents will be easier to buy. I have come up with 10 facts bout me, that you probably didn’t know, about me!

10) When i was born, i only had 1 working lung.

9) Ive toured with a play to Britain to perform at various theatres in the UK

8)My great uncle is Channing Tatum.

7) Number 8 is a lie

6)Im a very relaxed person, who enjoys laughing, eating, and eating. 

5) My Full name creates an acronym that spells out my dads name (MARC)

4)My idol is Ellen Degeneres

3) Im great at writing lists

2) I once put superglue in homemade cupcakes, and my mum ate one. She was not happy. Just sticky. 

1) Ive been to Antarctica.

Alright! i hope you have enjoyed my first ever Blog post! Im not really sure how it went, or if people will actually like it, but if they want to know what happens to Pablo & Maria, you will have to follow me, and find out in the weeks to come. Im so excited to start this Experience with everyone! I don’t know why i keep saying ‘everyone’ as if you’re right there..I’m siting in my room eating a muffin on my own..

Let me know if you enjoyed my post! I also think i need a cool post sign off thing, so il finish all my posts with ‘MC’ Because they are my two initials, and could also stand for ‘Media Communications” Which is conveniently the course i am doing! How Coincidental.

Anyway, I’m all blogged out for tonight! ohh Wait… that could be taken the wrong way… My hands are getting crampe… wait… oh for gods sake… GOODBYE.


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