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Control yourself, Media!

Guess what guys!!! (I say guys, as it makes me feel like people actually read my blog.)

(Actually, i had one view from Saudi Arabia last week, so i guess you could say I’m some sort of royalty in their land or something)

ITS BLOG TIME! This is my favourite time of the week. Other than Fridays. Or dinner time. Or when a really dirty sex scene comes on TV and we all pretend we don’t like it (puberty Blues I’m looking at you)

My Blog task for this week is “Why does it matters who controls the media?” And what difference would it make depending on who controls it? And its a very interesting question, because really, Who does control the media? I just love reading the question in a really sassy Woman’s voice from the bronx. “Why the hell does it even matter who controls the damn media?” Think Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall St’ accent, it just sounds sassier, and makes you passionate about the topic. And think of Margot Robbie.. Damn she’s fine.

But back to the topic.. Power over the media.. Who has the power? Well i think we all know the answer…



Just imagine this cat controlling the power of the media in Australia.. It wouldn’t be the first time Australian media moguls have been called pussies.. But in reality the media does have ownership here in Australia, and much to a majority of peoples beliefs, we do have channels other than 9, 10 and 7. No one ever thinks about the other numbers, 1, 2, 8, 6.. Channel Discrimination, Australia says NO.

Now I’m someone who isn’t up to date with the Murdochs, the Rinehart, the Packers, I’m only following the Kardahsians. Rupert Murdoch is totally Kim. Just minus the sex tape… Well he and Gina Rinehart have been very close lately. But i do know that a very certain Type f people control our media outlets. And i actually don’t think this is a bad thing There is so much negativity towards these people and their own businesses that they have created.Im sure all the Head Honchos In Aussie media play this to themselves as they fall asleep at night.

Let them have control! Im certainly not wanting control of the media, i just want someone to do it for me. I think that people hate the Media Moguls because, well.. Everyone else does. The Haters outweigh the supporters, and the hate is all we ever see. Why? Because there is more than one media outlet controlling the media! Channel 7 will get Koshie to bag out channel 10 and their corresponding Leader and so forth we, as viewers create a opinion based on what is given to us. Its a vicious cycle.

I personally don’t mind who controls the media, as long as I’m getting honest and truthful Reports on what is ACTUALLY happening in my world. Thats why i choose Naked News’ “Torontos most popular news station” (That slogan is not accurate) . Its really worth a watch. And a counselling session.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 7.07.39 pm

Who ever said the media weren’t behind massive cover ups….



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The secret diary of a Uni student

In  the words of Albert Einstein;

“thou who finishes thy first week at university will be forever prosperous”



“And handsome.”


Wow. That was one of those quotes that not many people have seen. Albert was also pretty drunk when he said it. Classic Albert.

Anyway… I have actually completed my first week at University! its not like i expected to not make it or anything, but I’m always that one person that trips and has to have the next 6 weeks off with a broken ankle (That actually happened in Year 9, i was walking across a room and fell and broke my ankle. walking…. just to reiterate, i was walking.) And then return to find everyone has become best friends and suddenly have matching tattoos that say “BFF’s 4 Eva” … Sorry, must be some pent up emotion, my best friend did the whole tattoo thing when i left for a week in year 2. 

BUT i did learn many valuable things in my first 5 days at UOW, and i will write them for you all in point form because it will make this post look more professional and i hear thats what Obama does. well thats what Bush tells me.

So things i have learnt include…

  1. Mature aged students are the equivalent of that English kid that comes to your school in year 9. And i mean that with the highest of compliments. Those damn english boys pulled all the girls. *Note* Mature aged students can’t pull chicks because technically thats illegal. 

  2. The uni is a big place, so getting lost is actually easy. To put it in perspective I had a lecture at 9am on tuesday and found it at 10am the following month… Just imagine Hogwarts without all the witches and spells and 3 headed dogs and stuff… And the castles..and evil noseless demons sucking out your souls … OK uni is nothing like Hogwarts but you got my drift.. 

  3. That Deciding what to wear every day is harder than the workload. Its like bloodey Paris fashion week. I saw one girl, no word of a lie, she was wearing a full leather body suit. She looked like Tomb Raider. Turns out she was just an exchange student…. Gotta love those foreigners. 

  4. That getting a coffee before your lecture is compulsory. I walked into one the other day and was told to leave and not to return without a “Skim Soy flat white, no sugar and takeaway” 

And finally..

      5.  The scariest thing about uni isn’t the lectures, or the classes, not even the wild ducks that wonder the grounds of the campus but Its simply…. Parking. The parking on campus is more competitive that a law degree. Theres P1, P2, P3. P4, not to mention the Permit holders area.. OH did i mention the stacker carpark? That only requires a small fee of $13 for 4 hours. Stop complaining and just catch the train you say? oh.. you didn’t say anything? sorry… I’m jumping to conclusions again. 


So with one week down, and only 4.5 years to go, i can safely say i have experienced all Uni has to offer. Ive enjoyed the ride so far and am loving my course at the moment. For a brief moment i did I think about transferring and picking up astronomy, but I knew I would just be taking up space. Get it? i felt like i needed an astronomy joke in this post, i had so many complaints in my fan mail last week about the lack of astronomy jokes in my last post…


I had no complaints…


I also had no fan mail…


But feel free to send me fan mail to my email address: Cheesecakeandallotherbakedgoodsandoccasionallysomestylesofpannacotta@outlook.com


(Me and some of my new friends i bought.‘Made’.. Also, I’m the one in the sunglasses to make it easier for you to recognise me.)


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