I’ve caught up to the Kardashians

I need to get something off my chest… Its been happening for a while now, and i think its best just just to get it off….

……Its this really weird pimple, like its there but then it goes away and then comes back again.. i need medical guidance.

Another thing on my chest (my hairless, pathetic joke of an adult chest) Is my favourite TV show……. Drumroll please….. ( i have a live band here in my room.)  Yes, I’m addicted to……

“Keeping up With the Kardashians”


Whether it be the Botox, the botched plastic surgery, the gorgeous women, the drama, or the fact that Kris Jenner really wants to be one of her younger daughters, the show keeps me coming back. Im a sucker for fake, half scripted, 70 million dollar weddings.

Now this love of mine fits perfectly into this weeks blog task, which was to chose a popular Tv show, movie, article etc and suggest how it might contribute to debate in the mediated public sphere. Now i know what you’re thinking, “I wonder what Mitch is wearing as he writes this?” The answer is a Majenta sweater with tweed check flared pants, nothing flashy. The other question you may ask yourself is “what in earth is a mediated public sphere?” Well, to my knowledge, which is rather low, a mediate public sphere is a band formed in the early 80’s, with hit songs such as “don’t touch my ugly cousin” and “What a wonderful quiche”.

The mediated public sphere is the public who are exposed to certain mediums, and in this case, its reality television. The debate surrounding the Kardashians started well before the Reality show even started. The girls father Robert Kardashian was OJ Simpsons Lawyer during the famous US trial, and thats where the fame started.


The fame skyrocketed when the middle daughter, argubrly the most famous daughter “Kim Kardashian” featured in a sex tape in the early 2000’s. ( i didn’t get the accurate date as when i googled Kim Kardashian Sex tape, the hair on my chest singed off) Now that in itself contributes to debate in the public sphere. This breaks many taboos and social ‘donts’  but at the very core, IS the start of the families public stardom… The step father Bruce Jenner WAS an Olympic Gold medalist winner back in the day, but sorry Brucey, you need a sex tape to be successful these days, keep your javelin in your pants.

Now to their defence ,they girls have their own clothing line, shoe range, makeup range and set of stores in Miami, NY and LA, and have a total net worth of over 200 Million Dollars. Or as kim would call it ‘loose change’. The girls have made a career out of their fame, and good on them i say, when god gives you lemons, make lemonade! Or when you star in a sex tape, create a clothing line! those things come hand in hand.

The public have expressed their ‘negativity’ towards the Family saying they should not be on Television and are awful role models to children. US President Barack Obama even weighed in on the debate saying “i would not allow my daughters to watch ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Which hit the family hard..

I would argue that the family is happy and full of love and show the world that family can survive in show business and remain one unit, that, although has their ups and downs, gets up and dusts themselves off at the send of it all. Well, they would have a maid dust them off..

Ill end with one of my favourite GIF’s featuring Kim Kardashian… Enjoy.





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