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Video Of The Week

This weeks Video of the week is a segment on Late night with Jimmy Fallon. Just watch the scene and hilarity will flow. These two actors are up there in my favourite comedians list, and this just makes me love them even more..

I didn’t really take Jimmy for a red lipstick man…

Have a look!


What an Obama-Nation!

Image  (Play this video whilst reading the post, and replace the word ‘Girl’ with various world leaders names) 

Be honest with yourself..

We’ve all dreamt about locking lips with Obama and shoving the First Lady down the stairs of the oval office at one point in our lives. And now you can experience that vicariously through the tense, politically dry lips of some of the worlds most powerful idiots  Leaders. 

And that is exactly what The United Colors of Benetton, a well known Italian clothing company with an already established history of controversial advertisements has done in their 2011 add campaign that has caused quite a stir across the globe. Men and women worldwide are now in uproar over the fact that they are not allowed to kiss Obama. Ok thats not the real reason people are upset about this. The real reason is obvious. 

Now the images have clearly not been tampered with and the leaders must have been paid handsomely to partake in such an act, and its strange, i always saw Barack as more of a Putin man.. huh, you think you know somebody…. Now, the clearly photoshopped images sparked the debate to wether or not the company have crossed the line with their advertisements. The images Obviously have gone for the ‘shock value’ over anything else, and it has worked. According to the company’s homepage, They started “Unhate” foundation in order “to contribute to the creation of a new culture against hate”. The company’s goal is to promote love and tolerance around the globe.

You can have a closer look at their homepage here – http://www.kissingpresidents/LOLcom.

Sorry. The Updated web address is –


But the underlying question beneath all of this is have the obviously questionable and unethical images actually acomplished the companys objective? I believe that the images have gone above and beyond the companies goals and due to the world-wide notoriety they acoplished, they well and truly achieved the recognition they wanted, regardless of their message being correctly portrayed. Any publicity is good publicity right?

I think by far the most shocking image is this one .


The image of the Pope Benedict XVI kissing Muslim imam Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb of Egypt. The Vatican actually made a statement immediately after the advert was released saying “This is obviously fake as Pope Benedict tilts his head to the right when he kisses other men” Ok, they didn’t say that, but they did say this “It shows a serious lack of respect for the Pope”

Now i actually think the images are a great way to draw attention to the companies message, although being disrespectful in many aspects, they did what any good shock advert does, shocks people. And really, i think the real issue here is, where on earth was Vladimir Putin? I bet he would be ‘putin’ his lips all over Obama if he had the chance!



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Down Down, My social life is down..


SO, as some of you might know, (probably none of you know) But i am actually a check out chick at Coles. Now i really need to find a new name for that role.. Check out dude? Check out lad… Umm.. Check out chickorita?

Get back to me on that one..

Anyway, video of the week this week is by one of my Favourite Improvisational actors Kristen Wiig, giving her best impersonation of a checkout chick… I think I’m too much like this character for my own good…

Do you have a flybys card with you tod…. Shit, sorry.. force of habit.

Good one, Media…


Ive decided these blog posts will be formed in the way a ‘normal’ Relationship is formed, the first date, second, third etc, etc…. Our first date (first blog) which, come on, was awkward. I went in for the kiss, you wanted more, i ordered dessert, you didn’t, i ordered the almond tart, you’re allergic to almonds, you had an anaphylactic fit…it was just a mess… Then we move on to second date (blog post) and this is exactly that, we are well acquainted now and are ready to blog each other. In more ways than one…

My Blog question this week is “What are the media being blamed for? and is it justified?” Now, i want you to read that question back in your head in a spanish accent. Just do it. Everything’s funnier in spanish, heck, throw a ‘guacamole’ in there for fun.

So now to the question.. I believe that the media cops allot of flack. I think people use the media as a generic excuse to justify their problems…

“I’m fat because the media made me!”

“Children are becoming more violent?! IT MUST BE THE MEDIA!”

“Tracey Grimshaw said that interest rates will rise, so that means they will”

“I have a strange rash on my inner thigh, Thanks allot media…”

Ok that last one is just an issue i have.. i just need someone to blame.. Seriously i need medical attention.

Its almost like the media is the blind and deaf kid that you had in your class, that you blamed everything on because they couldn’t defend themselves. The media has feelings guys, we can’t just blame EVERYTHING on them. Its either Tony Abbots, Gina Rheinhart or the Media’s fault when there is a social issue. The Media didn’t kill Princess diana guys, calm down.

I DO however believe that the media is in fact highly influential on not only the general public, but our Youth in particular. Those little buggers are very impressionable. For example when i was 10 i saw on the news that the more chocolate you eat, the more attractive you will be. So, thats the secret to my beauty incase you were wondering… And my waistline..

Media, or as i like to call him,’Big Mezza’ (haha, sorry its a personal joke between me and him, you totally wouldn’t get it) for some people is the only way they receive information, and depending on their source, will be fed information and views created by those media superpowers. Media is just that bitchy girl that sits on the back oval at school and bosses all the other girls around, but in the end gets thrown under the bus. Basically media is Regina George.. “omg media, you Cant sit with us..”


IN the end, i think ill just have a medium double quarter pounder meal… Oh crap, sorry i was ordering dinner and writing this simultaneously. I think the media is an easy blame for most people, If we wanted to find the real answer to a question we have to look further into where the ideals were conceived… Murdoch’s mansion…

The media is needed in our world. After all, who else would we drastically overpay to sit at a news desk and read an auto cue machine all day everyday? So in conclusion, we all know who to blame in this situation…. Koshie.




The secret diary of a Uni student

In  the words of Albert Einstein;

“thou who finishes thy first week at university will be forever prosperous”



“And handsome.”


Wow. That was one of those quotes that not many people have seen. Albert was also pretty drunk when he said it. Classic Albert.

Anyway… I have actually completed my first week at University! its not like i expected to not make it or anything, but I’m always that one person that trips and has to have the next 6 weeks off with a broken ankle (That actually happened in Year 9, i was walking across a room and fell and broke my ankle. walking…. just to reiterate, i was walking.) And then return to find everyone has become best friends and suddenly have matching tattoos that say “BFF’s 4 Eva” … Sorry, must be some pent up emotion, my best friend did the whole tattoo thing when i left for a week in year 2. 

BUT i did learn many valuable things in my first 5 days at UOW, and i will write them for you all in point form because it will make this post look more professional and i hear thats what Obama does. well thats what Bush tells me.

So things i have learnt include…

  1. Mature aged students are the equivalent of that English kid that comes to your school in year 9. And i mean that with the highest of compliments. Those damn english boys pulled all the girls. *Note* Mature aged students can’t pull chicks because technically thats illegal. 

  2. The uni is a big place, so getting lost is actually easy. To put it in perspective I had a lecture at 9am on tuesday and found it at 10am the following month… Just imagine Hogwarts without all the witches and spells and 3 headed dogs and stuff… And the castles..and evil noseless demons sucking out your souls … OK uni is nothing like Hogwarts but you got my drift.. 

  3. That Deciding what to wear every day is harder than the workload. Its like bloodey Paris fashion week. I saw one girl, no word of a lie, she was wearing a full leather body suit. She looked like Tomb Raider. Turns out she was just an exchange student…. Gotta love those foreigners. 

  4. That getting a coffee before your lecture is compulsory. I walked into one the other day and was told to leave and not to return without a “Skim Soy flat white, no sugar and takeaway” 

And finally..

      5.  The scariest thing about uni isn’t the lectures, or the classes, not even the wild ducks that wonder the grounds of the campus but Its simply…. Parking. The parking on campus is more competitive that a law degree. Theres P1, P2, P3. P4, not to mention the Permit holders area.. OH did i mention the stacker carpark? That only requires a small fee of $13 for 4 hours. Stop complaining and just catch the train you say? oh.. you didn’t say anything? sorry… I’m jumping to conclusions again. 


So with one week down, and only 4.5 years to go, i can safely say i have experienced all Uni has to offer. Ive enjoyed the ride so far and am loving my course at the moment. For a brief moment i did I think about transferring and picking up astronomy, but I knew I would just be taking up space. Get it? i felt like i needed an astronomy joke in this post, i had so many complaints in my fan mail last week about the lack of astronomy jokes in my last post…


I had no complaints…


I also had no fan mail…


But feel free to send me fan mail to my email address:


(Me and some of my new friends i bought.‘Made’.. Also, I’m the one in the sunglasses to make it easier for you to recognise me.)


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I met Oscar!


So the Academy Awards were held on Monday and I can honestly say that these were my favorite yet. I watch them every year and I think the reason I loved them so much was purely due to the fact that Ellen Degeneres was hosting them. She is just so good. Too good…

My dream (and I mean dream. This is a very ambitious goal) is to one day host the Oscars.

Now the reality of the situation is i will Probably*  never host the oscars. But I have a cousin named Oscar who i could get to throw a party that i could talk at. I guess that will do…

SO what I have done this year to appease my dream for a little while is make myself think I was at the oscars, through the power of poorly done photoshop. People have always said how much I resemble Bradley cooper..


*By probably i mean, there is a 1 in 7 0000 000 chance i will host them. The odds are in my favour!

My First Time…


Admit it.

Everyones first time is equally as awkward, all those fingers tapping furiously, your body sweats profusely, and PBS (Premature Blog – ulation Syndrome). I mean theres tonnes of new feelings and emotions running through the air, and your keyboard, during your first time..

Of course I’m talking about blogging!

When i first heard i had to create a blog, i thought to myself “I’m so hungry” and immediately after that, “What in god’s name is a blog?” because, lets face it; ‘Blog’ sounds like a highly infectious STD.

My aim for this blog is for those who read it (Those being my Nan, Mum and Girlfriend) (i don’t have a girlfriend) to feel as if they are having a conversation with me. Imagine we are sitting in uni bar, sipping a gin and tonic and thinking “What an awful drink this is, but all the law students are drinking it.” thats the feeling i want to achieve!

Now to the serious part. and yes, i can be serious. Seriously. I am Studying a Bachelor of Communications & Media Studies & Bachelor of Creative Arts: Theatre. How impressive does it sound? if you read it backwards its actually the first lines of the hit Katy Perry song “Roar”. Ok its not, but i made you re- read the degree didn’t i? Look!! already my blog is making you do weird and wonderful things.

Now in order for you all to get to know me better, i have devised a short script, (not to gloat but Scorsese and Spielberg both won’t leave me alone about it) That will hopefully keep you coming back week after week to see the developing story of:

Pablo & Maria

‘A love tale of two Gluten intolerant Spaniard lovers’

Scene set in a small spanish town known simply as enchilada, sits a spanish man, dressed in a poncho, with a dark sombrero and thin, sweaty moustache.
Pablo: Oh i am so lonely, my only friend is this hard shell taco.. I need a lover.
(Enter Maria, dressed in a purple day gown, maria has style)
Maria: hello sir, i see you have a gluten free taco there.. may i join?
Pablo: Of course Señorita, anything for you spicy, jalapeño, as long as we can order the gluten free casadea!?
Maria: oh no.. i wanted the gluten tortilla…. i don’t think we can contin…
(Pablo stops maria Urgently)
Pablo: Wait Maria….
(Cue Mexican trumpets.)
Why don't we have both?


Wow. That was quality writing. Ive heard rumours that Pablo will be played by DiCaprio, and Maria is set for Liza Minelli.. who would Have guessed. 

Now to wrap this whole introduction up, i would just like to tell you somethings about me, because really, this whole blog thing is like a friendship, you’re going to need to know me for when it comes to my birthday. Presents will be easier to buy. I have come up with 10 facts bout me, that you probably didn’t know, about me!

10) When i was born, i only had 1 working lung.

9) Ive toured with a play to Britain to perform at various theatres in the UK

8)My great uncle is Channing Tatum.

7) Number 8 is a lie

6)Im a very relaxed person, who enjoys laughing, eating, and eating. 

5) My Full name creates an acronym that spells out my dads name (MARC)

4)My idol is Ellen Degeneres

3) Im great at writing lists

2) I once put superglue in homemade cupcakes, and my mum ate one. She was not happy. Just sticky. 

1) Ive been to Antarctica.

Alright! i hope you have enjoyed my first ever Blog post! Im not really sure how it went, or if people will actually like it, but if they want to know what happens to Pablo & Maria, you will have to follow me, and find out in the weeks to come. Im so excited to start this Experience with everyone! I don’t know why i keep saying ‘everyone’ as if you’re right there..I’m siting in my room eating a muffin on my own..

Let me know if you enjoyed my post! I also think i need a cool post sign off thing, so il finish all my posts with ‘MC’ Because they are my two initials, and could also stand for ‘Media Communications” Which is conveniently the course i am doing! How Coincidental.

Anyway, I’m all blogged out for tonight! ohh Wait… that could be taken the wrong way… My hands are getting crampe… wait… oh for gods sake… GOODBYE.


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