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Video Of The Week

This week’s VOTW Comes from a Youtube channel known simply as ‘TheFineBros’, in which they have a segment where they give certain age demographics various things to do that are popular in todays tech davy world… (Eg, Showing the Elderly how to twirk)

And this week They posted a video that is rather nostalgic. They give children a walkman… Remember them? they are like that one creepy uncle that you don’t like seeing but he is your only one so you kinda have too… Yes they are still on this planet. I know we all think Walkmans became extinct in the early 2000’s but we still remember their legacy. Have a watch, it will either enrage or enlighten you. And make you feel old….  I know i had a walkman when i was a kid, and it played S-Club 7 on repeat.

So take out those earphones, turn off your iPod and pause your episode of Game of Thrones, and have a watch…

Video Of The Week

This weeks Video of the week is a segment on Late night with Jimmy Fallon. Just watch the scene and hilarity will flow. These two actors are up there in my favourite comedians list, and this just makes me love them even more..

I didn’t really take Jimmy for a red lipstick man…

Have a look!


Down Down, My social life is down..


SO, as some of you might know, (probably none of you know) But i am actually a check out chick at Coles. Now i really need to find a new name for that role.. Check out dude? Check out lad… Umm.. Check out chickorita?

Get back to me on that one..

Anyway, video of the week this week is by one of my Favourite Improvisational actors Kristen Wiig, giving her best impersonation of a checkout chick… I think I’m too much like this character for my own good…

Do you have a flybys card with you tod…. Shit, sorry.. force of habit.